9 September 2011 (1.1.2): Correction of a bug in the search engine, which has been added in the last update. There is now a huge improvement at the playing strength of the program.

6 August 2011: The first update of Leon (1.1.0) is ready for download. There are some good improvements which make Leon even better:

  • Leon now makes use of all CPU-cores. You can change the number of CPUs used in the options 2. Speed improvements which make Leon very faster, expecially in the two best levels
  • Dice number generation over scripts outside of the program.This proves over every doubt that Leon does not cheat. We provide a script that does exactly this. Predefined random generator is the "Marsenne Twister" algorithm. You can change the random generation algorithm at the options. If you are a programmer and you like this feature, please contact us. We will provide you with details on how to change the scripts or make your own.
  • Dice number generator with use of random.org. Random.org is an internet site that provides true random numbers taken with special hardware from the atmospheric noice. You will need an internet connection in order to use this. If you want to use this feature go to the Options and change the random generation algorithm to "random.org"
  • You can now unlock all features of Leon for 7 days. Go to the Register menu, type a name and a valid email and click on the button "Try all features of Leon for 7 days"
  • Improvement of the installation program. Now after the installation you will get a program group for Leon and an icon on your desktop.
  • Some minor bugs removed

04 Juli 2011: The first version (1.0.0) of Leon is ready and available. If you have any questions, problems or ideas how to make the program even better don't hesitate to contact us under leon@tournavitis.de